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Workflow: what can i do with a bacis user

This article is based on features for a basic user. See feature list and see user products.
You can also see detailed workflows for a project manager and a Revit user. Some features in these two workflows cannot be used by a basic user.


Enrich your model with the essential information - classes and properties.

The available properties depend on whether the Revit file is assigned a spine project or not. If it is assigned, properties added the project are available. Otherwise standardized properties are available.

Add classification and properties - add classes and properties to objects, and edit property values.

Spine portal

Review and use project content - types and instances - in the spine portal.

Search by class or set up criterias for project content to review. Add and edit properties, as well as export project content to excel.

Search for content, edit content and export content.

Company management

Manage your spine company information.

Edit company details - name, adress and contact information.


Go to spine support site and spine Help & E-learning.


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