Create and assign Types %

CCS types can be created and assigned in several ways.
This article shows how to do it in Classification in Revit.

Create types: Assign types:

1. Select a class

  1. Open 'Classification'
  2. Select a class

2. Select an existing type or create a new

  1. Open 'Identification'
  2. Select an existing type: Click 'Search for project specific types' and jump to step 7
  3. Create new type: Click 'Create project specific type'
  4. Type in a name
  5. Click create
    If you have not searched for existing types, click (2) and the new type you created will appear in the list
  6. Editing an existing type: click 'Edit CCS Type' and the type will be opened in the spine Desktop & Viewer
  7. Select the type, the type will be shown at the bottom
Tips and additional settings
  A: Types are based on classes, therefore at least a Topnode must be written before searching for types

B: Type ID's can be read from an object, by clicking 'Read Type-Id from Revit object'
C: Types can also be created as SubTypes

3. Assign type to Revit families and types

CCS Types 03
  1. Open 'Selected Objects'
  2. Select Revit families or types to be assigned the type
  3. Click 'Listed Objects' to assign type

4. Video (in english) Identification with spine


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