Manage Properties

In Manage Properties users can add and remove properties to Revit objects.

Properties are added to Revit categories . As default, the categories reflects the selected objects in the model.

1. Select categories and add/remove properties

  1. Open Manage Properties
  2. Update category selection, select categories in the view and refresh selection
  3. Tick or untick properties to be added or removed
  4. Click apply
Additional settings
A: A square indicate that the property is applied to other categories in the model
B: A tick indicate that the property is applied to the current category
C: Red indicate that the property is required in this model, you can add all required properties with Assign Properties
D: The arrows indicate whether the property value must be uploaded from Revit to the spine project, downloaded from the project to Revit, or if it can be synchronized both ways    
   Note: If values are set to be both up- and downloaded, keep in mind that values can overwrite each other
E: spine properties can be mapped to both type and instance parameters , types are written in italic
F: If property changes are made in the spine project, reload changes
G: Parameters can be applied as User-modifiable, toggle to switch


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