Add Classes and Types

  1. Open Classification
  2. Select Class
  1. Select existing or create new Type
  2. Select Revit objects
See extended Add Classification guide
See extended Create and Assign Types guide

1. Classification

  1. Type in Class Code or synonym for the Class
  2. Select Class
  1. Hover Class to see Class definition
  2. Selected Class appears at the bottom
For only adding classes, go to 3. Selected Objects

2. Identification

  1. Search for Types within the Class
  2. Select Type
  3. Hover Type to see Type Properties
  1. Create new Type
  2. Selected Class and Type appears at the bottom

2.1. Create new Type

Type number is always the next available number after the minimum number
  1. Enter Type name
  2. Select a minimum number
  3. Update type number based on minimum number
  1. Type Code and number appears at the bottom
  2. Create Type
NB: search / load types before newly created types appear in the list

3. Selected Objects

  1. Select objects from Revit view
  2. Select objects from list
  3. Add Class and Type to objects