Adding CCS to IFC export

1. Download IFC exporter

Start by downloading the alternative IFC plugin from the Autodesk App Store, by using the links below:
If you use Revit 2019, you do not have to download an exporter.

The Autodesk IFC plugin is needed for this functionality, please ensure you are using the newest version.

2. Download 'User defined property set' file

Right click on the link below, and select "save link as"

3. Add custom Property Set file in Revit

Configure the export.

  1. Go to File
  2. Click Export
  3. Click IFC
Add custom property set file in Revit

4. Modify the setup

  1. Click Modify setup
Modify setup

4.1. Copy an existing Export setup

  1. Select "IFC 2x3 Coordination View 2.0 Setup" or another appropriate setup
  2. Dublicate the setup
  3. Rename your setup and save it

4.2. Add 'User defined property set' file

  1. Go to 'Property Sets'.
  2. Click browse and locate the file you downloaded in step 2. (If not ticked, tick 'Export user defined property sets').
Property Sets

4.3. Add Classification information

  1. Go to 'Classification Settings'
  2. Fill in the informations from the table

Be sure to use correct Editions (CCS Table Versions)
The Editions for the different CCS Tables are listet by Topnode followed by the Edition.

Modify setup
Classification Settings
Name Cuneco Classification System
Source (Publisher) bips
Edition D,E R0 and A,B,L R1
Edition Date 28-10-2016
Documentation location
Classification field name CCSClassification_Type; CCSClassification

5. Export the model to IFC

  1. Make sure the "IFC 2x3 Coordination View 2.0 CCS" setup is selected
  2. Select the model(s) for Export
  3. Click 'Export'
Export your model
6. View the result in an IFC viewer

To view the information in the IFC file, open the file in a IFC Viewer.

In this example, the free version of Solibri Model Viewer v9.6 is used.

6.1. Classification

  1. Select 'Information Takeoff'
  2. Select and expand "CCS Classification" in the 'Classification View'
  3. The 'Info View' shows a table of all the objects with CCS Classification in the model.

6.2. Properties

  1. Select 'Information Takeoff'
  2. Select an Object in the 'Model Tree View', the '3D View' or
  3. Select an Object in the 'Classification View'
  4. The 'Info View' shows a table of all the Properties grouped by the user defined property sets.
    The "CCS_Administrative" property set contains all the CCS related information regarding Classification and Identification.


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