spine plugin for Revit

  1. Add classification and identification
  2. Manage properties
  3. Check data between Revit files and spine projects
  4. Lookup objects by CCS ID in the Revit file
  5. Manage parameters , properties and Revit families
  6. Assign a Revit file to a spine project and refresh license
1. Classification and identification
  1. Classification
    Add classes , assign types and assign Single Level ID .
    Add additional classification standards .
  2. Locate building elements in relation to each other + Location ID .
    Location On locate building elements On each other.
    Location At locate building elements At each other.
    Adjacent To locate walls in relation to rooms.
2. Properties
  1. spine properties display information about selected objects. Fill in information and synchronize properties with a spine project .
  2. Assign properties add properties set to 'required in Revit' in the spine project .
3. Consistency Check
Consistency Check
Select Revit Categories and check for missing or inconsistent data.
4. Object Lookup
Type in a CCS ID which will be located in the model.
5. Spine Management
  1. Manage Parameters, manage, map and control parameters.
  2. Manage Properties display a list of properties. Tick on/off to add and remove properties.
  3. Manage Families diaplay a list of Revit Family types . Assign existing CCS Types and create new.
6. Spine
  1. Assign file to project. Connect a Revit file to a spine project .
  2. Refresh License.
  3. About, display information about the plugin version and links to this help sites


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