Add Classification

Add classes to objects in Revit.

1. Select class

  1. Open 'Classification'
  2. Type in a synonym for the class
  3. Select a class
Tips and additional settings
Tips and additional settings

A: Use a topnode as filter, e.g. 'L door' will only show results in [L] Construction Element
B: Instead of searching for a class, you can 'Read Class from Revit object'
C: Assign a CCS type with the class
D: The chosen class can be seen at the bottom
E: Assign Single Level ID with the class

Add Classification to rooms
Add Classification to rooms

There are two class properties for rooms, a Designed Use Class and an Actual Use Class .  

  1. Choose which to be assigned
  2. In selected objects, change the Sort by to rooms and spaces

2. Select objects and add classification

Selecting objects to be added a class, can be done in two ways, step 2 and 3.

  1. Open 'Selected Obejcts'
  2. Select Revit families or types from the list
  3. Or select objects from a view, select from the model and from schedules
  4. Click 'Listed Objects' for assigning classification
Tips and additional settings

By default all used families and types are shown in the list, and as they get classified they will disappear.
A: To see not used and classified families and types, use the three filters:

B: Choose a way to sort the list
C: Filter the list
D: Add classification by instance , toggle on Classification by instance
E: If you want to move classes from the instance parameter to the type parameter, toggle on Remove instance override

3. Add additional classification
Add Additional classification standards
  1. Select a classification system
  2. Type in a synonym
  3. Select a class and check if the suggested CCS class is correct
  4. If not, press Show all CCS classes and select another
  5. Toggle on Assign additional classification to objects

See additional standards supported by Spine.

4. Pre-classification

Pre-classifying content can be done in two ways, one for Loadable Families and one for both Loadable and System Families .
Loadable Families can be assigned a class in the family editor, and both Loadable and System Families can be assigned a class in a Revit project and template .

4.1. Pre-classifying Loadable families

Open a family in the family editor and open the classification window

  1. Select a class
  2. Open the Selected Objects tab
  3. Select types to be assigned the class
  4. Click Listed objects to assign class

Save and load the family into a project.

4.2. Pre-classifying a Revit project or template

When pre-classifying a project, use the same steps as in 1. Add Classification
In the classification window, turn on the Show all types filter , to display all families and types. Assign a class and save the project or template.

5. Add Classification (Video English)


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