spine Properties

Get an overview of object properties and edit their values.

1. Select object(s)

  1. Select an object
  2. Click Spine Properties
1.1. Selected objects
  1. A single object is selected
  2. Multiple objects of the same Revit type are selected
  3. Multiple objects of different Revit types but within the same category are selected
  4. Multiple objects within different categories are selected

2. Symbols

  1. Select an object by it's CCS ID
  2. Synchronization settings display whether the value can be:
    2.1. downloaded
    2.2. uploaded
    2.3. or both
  3. Assign Single Level ID
  4. Open classification
  5. Assign Location At ID , opens Create location at ID
  6. Assign Location On ID , opens Create location On ID
  7. Open property value list
  8. Reload properties , if property changes are made in Manage Properties or a new type ID with properties is assigned the object
  9. Upload and download propety values between Revit object and the spine project

3. Edit values

  1. Classification properties , edit values with Classification
  2. Yes/No property, toggle to change
  3. List property, select values from a property value list
  4. Text property, edit by typing in a value or select a previously used value
  5. Built-In property, values are retrieved from the Revit model


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